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About UnitEx

UnitEx is a centralised secure online trading platform, that provides wallet management services and enables customers to buy and sell crypto assets, as well as exchange them for fiat money. 

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Why Choose UnitEx as Your Partner?

Customer Support

Premium Offer & No Deposit Fees.

There are more than 19 different cryptocurrencies available for you to trade and all of them are very carefully screened and selected before being listed on exchange. Our current goal is to double our offering and integrate another 19 new crypto coins. There are no deposit fees for crypto and the process is quick & easy. 

Reliability | 24/7 Customer Support

When it comes to trading crypto assets, everything can change in a matter of days or even hours. With that in mind we have a dedicated team of customer support available to help you with any questions, issues or concerns 24/7. The goal is to provide an enjoyable and stress free experience for you as a client. 

Safety | Robust Compliance

Safety and security are the highest concerns for both our clients and our partners, not to mention regulators. Having crypto assets on our platform that are clean & pure from criminal activities is absolutely critical for us as an organisation, and we have 0 level tolerance for any type of ML/TF schemes

Know Your Customer ( KYC ) SERVICE


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